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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Best costume jewellery shop in Kolkata

Hello, friend today I will give you the information about how do you find the best custom jewellery shop at Kolkata. Kolkata is famous for fashion Jewellery and Bengal clothing also. The customers from other states are confused when they come at Kolkata to purchase artificial jewellery or clothing for their business.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Handicraft fashion Jewellery

Hello friend, we hand and another unit that is Fashion Jewellery. We are the manufacturer of this fashion jewellery.

I group of local women we are interested in making jewellery, we make a group for making this type of Jewellery, they develop every day new designs. I collect the designs and take photograph and display through Facebook.

We have more than last 60 days we develop more than 100 customers and few wholesalers who collect this designs for personal use and for resale also.

The price of Jewellery set starts from Rs.100 to 500 maximum, The earring starts from Rs.70 only. Those who are doing this job all are too happy now. They are earning every day and getting order also.

Those people who will check this blog, plz follow us and help them to make more order with confidence. Hope on next week they are going to attend a local fair at Kolkata.

Please contact them through WhatsApp +91-9831815857