About Chinpack

Chinpack - The Agricultural Product and Sal Leaf plate manufacturer and Exporter.

Hello friends, I am Ankur Banerjee founder of Chinpack. I started my business in 2009. That time I was doing export Indian women ethnic wear like Sarees, Salwar Kameez Wedding Lehengas and with matching jewellery. That time I was the only exporter from our my city who is doing export Indian women ethnic wear. My aim is to send the best quality product to our customers at an affordable cost. I did so and still, now I am doing export. I am sending the 100% original goods to our importers.

Last few months back I started to develop a team for a new item. I finally find out the one agricultural product - Sal Leaf Plate. Sal leaf is only one of the best agricultural product. In India, all say " Sal Patta Plate". All about this Sal leaf plate is given in this blog. I already spent a few days with the people in Bankura and Purulia where the Sal Forest is there. 

"Sal Leaf Plates" - are not very new in India and the international market. It is also 100 years old concept. But the manufacturers only supply these items locally. Presently the new technology helps the SALL LEAF PLATE MANUFACTURERS to make the leaves in a dish or bowl form by the help of a machine. 
Apart from Thermocol and Plastic laminated plate, this Sal Leaf plate is one option. There is no side effect and 100% eco-friendly within 45 days. 
Presently we are supplying this Sal Leaf product all over India and out of India also. If anyone wants to do business with us please contact us.