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Sal Leaf Plates Quality and Colour - The Best Quality Sal Leaf Plate Only Available at West Bnegal

In West Bengal, there are only a few places to get the sal leaf business - in Bankura, Bishnupu and Jhargram. The main raw material of this business is SHAL LEAF. Which is to be collected from the sal's jungle. There is a jungle of SA TREES in these three places. Because of this, the business of Sal leaf is restricted to only Bankura, Vishnupu and Jhargram.

For the past four months, I have been travelling around the same different places and collecting a lot of information about this SAL LEAF PLATE MAKING business. However, all the information I claim is not exactly his logic - because many companies and many government offices have done this before. I have been looking for information on the pros and cons of the organization I am working for. I think the sal tree leaves are not the same in all places. The reason for this is that I find several shawl leaf traders talking to them - "hill leaves" - there is a type of leaf that has a high price. Not only that, but the leaves also are thinner and stronger than the leaves elsewhere.

The hilly leaves are found in the Belpahari region. The leaf is thin and the leaf is the dark green colour when the dish is made after drying it. That SAL LEAF DISH or BOWL is so beautiful to look at. All the leaves of this Belpahari region go to Orissa. The reason for this is in the previous post.
Shawl leaf business is a business that cannot be stored for long. That's why a good team or group is needed to do this business.

Some time ago a piece of strange and fancy information came to me. I can find time to eat at a store in Bakura. The reason for this is that the leaves on the opposite side are quite flat. Several places in southern India sit well to eat food on this type of leaf.

Jhargram is the largest collection of sal leaves I have seen. Where the women of the village are in the jungle, collect the SAL LEAVES and put them in dry stockings. But even then, when I talk to the women in that village - I know they are not willing to do this business. The reason for this is that all year long the hoarders do not collect leaves from them. Another reason for this phenomenon is that the leaves of Jhargram have thicker leaves elsewhere. It takes a long time for the leaf to come into proper shape after plating the dish. Another reason is that the leaves are more likely to break if they are too dry.

So the quality (Dark Green Colour) of the shawl leaf is Bankura, the highest quality dish is made as the leaves are available till Belpahri. Now the question is, who does not do any work of shawl leaves in Jhargram? - Yes. The price of Jhargram leaves is a little lower than it is in other places where it is not considered. Five rounds of leaves are shaped like a round plate. Two sticks like this are stitched together - those two sticky leaves have a "hill leaf" and a Jhargram leaf. The price of the dish made in it is less than anything. The hill leaves are kept upside down while making dishes. That is why the dish looks good too.

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