Monday, 19 August 2019

Vermicompost Manufacturer in Kolkata - Earthworm Supplier in West Bengal

Vermicompost is organic manure which is Bio-Fertilizer also. The Earth Worm produces the Vermicompost. Chinpack is a marketing company. We promote small manufacturers or producers product. Vermicompost is one of that product, apart from that Chinpack also the producer of Vermicompost.

Chinpack also helps the farmers or the people who are interested in producing Vermicompost for commercial purposes. Chinpack helps the Vermicompost producers not only to sell but also helps to clear the old stock. We supply Vermicompost all around India. Presently, only 2% of total Vermicompost requirements can provide to the fermenters. There is a massive requirement of good quality Vermicompost at the best price.

Vermicompost is the product of excretion of Earthworm. Chinpack decomposed 70% Green and 30% of cow dung for 30 days. This decomposed product feed by Earth Worm. After a few days, the Earthworm produce the Vermicompost. Vermicompost is 100% organic material and containing adequate NPK. This is perfect for organic farming. Vermicompost is eco-friendly & non-toxic. It is a recycled biological product.

vermicompost manufacturer in kolkata

Chinpack is the manufacturer of Vermicompost located at Kolkata. Most of our retail customers purchase Vermicompost for their personal use — our production unit located at Chinsurah, Hooghly- West Bengal. You can visit our group and can buy from the wear house also.

Vermicompost is not only the perfect for Organic Farming but also for flowering plants. Those who like good flowering plants can use our Vermicompost. 

What is the advantage of Vermicompost?
( Benefit of using Vermicompost)

If the Vermicompost can be used in organic farming, then the yield capacity of the vegetable is significantly increased. If vermicompost use as a fertilizer in the flower tree, then the flowers in the tree are more flowering than usual and the flowers are very fresh.

The colour of Vermicompost depends on its making technique. If the producers make the compost material by using the 70% green material, like plants and water plants and 30% cow dung the final product colour becomes black. That is the original Vermicompost. 

Simple the Vermicompost is earthworms excrement. Which is called casting, The Vermicompost can improve the biological, chemical & physical properties of soil. Nowadays, which is very important for our nature. By the use of chemical fertilizer, the efficiency of the soil is much less than before. Only Vermicompost can increase soil efficiency. 

Chinpack has an efficient and well-trained vermicompost technician. They will help you to produce the best quality products for domestic or commercial purpose. For primary discuss you please contact to +91-9831815857 or email


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