Thursday, 25 July 2019

Monsoon Sarees Collection - The Best Quality Georgette Monsoon Sarees with Designer Blouse

Update your collection at this Monsoon season. Chinpack company now going to update the best Monsoon sarees at the best price. Most of the Indian customers want to use Georgette sarees at this Monsoon season. Last 7 years Chinpack collect the best branded colourful Georgette sarees for our respected customers.

We offer the sarees which are branded and good quality. Last few years our Indian customers send us an inquiry for Georgette sarees at this Monsoon season. In the beginning, we serve the georgette printed sarees which are good to look but not at all branded product. As the sarees are colourful so maximum customers buy this sarees at the Monsoon season.

Yellow georgette printed casual sarees

Blue georgette printed casual sarees at Monsoon

That time a few customers not satisfied with the Georgette sarees. We notice that customers want the Georgette sarees at this Monsoon season which looks good, Bright Color and lightweight also. We did one survey among the customers those are not satisfied with the Georgette Printed Sarees.

The first time that customers ignore to reply to our survey mail. We arrange a calling survey with our efficient support team. There we noticed that 90% of the customers are doing service, few of them are School Teater and few of them are in the administrative field. They want the Georgette Printed Sarees which look good like elegant print work and smooth with the bright colour combination.

Orange shaded georgette printed sarees with designer blouse

We did that survey on Oct 2011. We decide at that time Chinpack will serve the best quality Georgette sarees at the best price on 2012 Monsoon. Few of our customers reported on the survey 2011 that they are not satisfied with the quality also. Few customers say - "Your sari gets soaked in the rain it becomes very heavy".

On 2012 Monsoon we started to serve the Georgette sarees which are lightweight and look good. All of our sarees are branded with company name catalogue. Presently we attach the designer Blouse material with this georgette sarees. The blouse material also georgette with different contrast color print design.

Green shaded georgette casual wear saree

Georgette sarees are crafted with lase patch border and designer blouse material. Chinpack serves the sarees with company printed catalog image and tag. We have our custom stitching unit. Presently we stitch blouse for our Indian customers also at a very low price.

Chinpack does export sarees at the bulk quantity to wholesalers out on India. Most of our Georgette sarees customers from the UAE and USA. The wholesalers from UAE collect georgette sarees which look good with attractive colour print design.

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