Friday, 21 June 2019

What is Google My Business and why your business needs it

Google my business a free tool helps small businesses owner create and manage their business locally online. Google My Business a very useful tool for a shop owner, small manufacturer and the for the service provider. Now the question is how to start to enlist your business name to Google My Business.

1st select your business name and create a Gmail account with the name of your business name. Like my business name Indian Sarees Online, my Gmail is  -, this is not a mandatory system that you have to create a Gmail id with your business name. But this is a professional style of online business.

2nd log in Google Chrome account with same Gmail id and click the Google Apps, there is an App name "My Business". Open that application. There is an option - " Start Now". Click on the Start Now button. Now, this is the 1st stape to start going your business online. My recommendation to all the viewers those who are going to register their business online not to do incomplete registration until verifying your business online.

Step 1 is to enlist your business name to Google My Business. My Business name  - Indiansarees.

Step 3, for more detail about your business. Here is a question - "Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?". Few of my clients those who doing business from home through Social Media or doing resale, they select the " No" option. Never do this, as in future when you open a shop, then google my business request you to verify the same business & this verification process takes more than 12 to 15  working days. So select the option " Yes".

Step 4, "Where do you serve your customers? (optional)" This is an optional system by Google. But this is very important for local business. Don't submit your address without verifying the google map. Open a new tab and open google map application, then search your address on google map. At the time of input, your address on Google Map App search bar you can notice that is so many addresses comes by default on below search bar with the same name. Avoid that default address comes automatically, and write your address with aria pin. 

Step 5, after submitting your address then Google will search the Business name at the same address, select None of this.

Step 6, The nest Step " Where are you located?", check below image, cleck the marked yellow 1 st and then Allow (Yellow Mark 2). Google will automatically search your address.

After click allows option you will get an image like that below image.

Step 7, Do you also serve customers outside this location? this option depends on your business if you can deliver your items or service anywhere in India or out on India. you can Check " Yes" otherwise " No.

Step 8, Choose the category that fits your business best - I am an Indian ethnic wear supplier, so am going to add " Women's College"

Step 9' Then enter your phone number and business URL if you have a site.

The final step - " Finish and verify this business"
Sometimes Google verifies your business by sending SMS over phone number which you use on Step 9, sometimes you have to wait 12 days for the verification code through Indian Post Regester postal service.

I got so may phone call that - Why I am not able to verify my business over said phone number? The causes are -
#] You already have a different Gmail id with the same number.
#] You already have a verified My Business listing.
#] You already tried more than 2 times to verify the same business at same mail id.

So please do the process at a single short with a new phone number, your process will be faster and perfect. On next I will discuss optimization. How you can generate traffic.


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