Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Best costume jewellery shop in Kolkata

Hello, friend today I will give you the information about how do you find the best custom jewellery shop at Kolkata. Kolkata is famous for fashion Jewellery and Bengal clothing also. The customers from other states are confused when they come at Kolkata to purchase artificial jewellery or clothing for their business.

Best costume jewellery shop in Kolkata is the most popular search term among the people from other states of India. Those who are want to start Jewelry business or already involved with Jewelry business. The commonplace of Kolkata city where all items are available at the wholesale rate that is Kolkata Burrabazar. The next popular place is canning street market Kolkata, which is very near Kolkata Burrabazar.

This is the only two places at Kolkata from where the Jewelry businessman can purchase costume jewelry at a wholesale rate for re-selling. But one most important point is that they are not the manufacturer. They collect items from different jewelry manufacturer, those who are located near Kolkata like Singur, Tarakeswar, Midnapur, and Hooghly

If you are already engaged with the costume jewellery business then visit the two places for jewelry at the wholesale rate. Visit every costume jewellery shop and collect the price then take a decision. As there is thousands of Jewellery shops are there take your time and find out the shop at every lane and by-lane. Obviously, you can find out your required items at the best price.

If you are going to start the costume jewelry business, then 1st collect the knowledge of material and price also. At Kolkata, you can check thousands of variety with price and color. Don't be confused at a shop while checking designs. Then take decisions.
Now I am giving you my decision to purchase the costume jewellery at Kolkata. Please depends on digital media to find out the best costume jewellery shop in Kolkata. Go to Youtube and Facebook, check your required design and contact to a seller. You can get an idea. Then come to Kolkata for checking quality and business process.

Satna Jewellery   of the most popular costume jewellery manufacturer located at Hooghly. They have a team with 10 women. They regularly develop new design with different material like German Silk or Silk Thread Jewellery with very attractive color. Satna Boutique has more than 100 re-reseller all over India. They also supply the Jewellery to few wholesale points at Kolkata.

The most popular facility given by Satna Jewellery, that is design as per customers demand. Customers send designs and Satna Jewellery makes the design as per required color and material also.

If anyone wants to start a costume jewellery business then contact to Satna Jewellery or contact us at WhatsApp +91-9831815857


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