Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Can I sell craft items online that were made by others

We are Bengal Handicraft products manufacturer and trader. The Handicraft in Kolkata is very famous all over the world. Our company name CHINPACK - located at Chinsurah, Hooghly West Bengal. We are the manufacturer of Handicraft Jewellery. Like metal Jewellery and Silk Thread Jewellery. We have a team with 20 women. They regularly update new designs.

Apart from Handicraft Jewellery, we collect the Bengal Handicraft items from the different places of West Bengal. We collect the Home Decor items which are made by Bamboo, mud and stone dust. All the items are made by hand.
We have Pattachitra is the most attractive home decor not only in India but also all over the world. But what is Pattachitra or Pattamaya? Pattachitra or 

Pattamaya is a series of the picture which is an epic or folklore of the village's village. When we did not use television or radios, the images of Ramayana or Mahabharata were told by showing pictures of this picture. That time the Pattachitro was drawn over the paper and make the paper roll like a tube. Presently the Pattachitra artist are using Canvas or Good quality paper for making Pattachitra.

The color of the Pattachitro is natural. Artists use different types of flowers or fruits to make colors for making a Pattachitro. The Pattachitra artists maintain their family by making the Pattachitra. They sell their items on Handicraft fair in West Bengal.

There are so many handicraft in Kolkata city. It is quite impossible to collect all the items. But if anyone wants to check all the Handicraft Items in Kolkata, He / She can visit the Bengal Handicraft Fair. Our company Chinpack, collect those products which are very attractive and colorful, apart from that the items are also possible to make a sufficient quantity for commercial shipment or volume.


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